Basic Manicure

Trimming and shaping the nails, soak hands into warm water with citrus fruit and remove dead cuticles. Finally, a relaxing massage to stimulate the blood flow of the hands and applying polish. 

Deluxe Manicure

Trimming and shaping the nails. Dead skin exfoliating with gingseng sea salt. Relaxing hand massage. Rejuvenate skin with therapeutic hot paraffin treatment. Lastly, the polish of yout choice. 

Express Manicure
Trimming and shaping the nails - Soak hands into the warm water - Remove the dead cuticle - Apply lotion with no massage.
Regular Manicure
Express Manicure with massage and hot towel.
Hot-Oil Manicure
Hot Oil treatment
Deluxe/Spa Manicure
Regular Manicure plus paraffin treatment or exfoliating mask and a Special Hand Lotion
Scentual Spa Manicure
Deluxe/Spa Manicure with Aqua leaves (to soften the dead skin & whitening ofthe nails) and Special Hand Lotion
Tropical Manicure
Combination of Deluxe Manicure & Spa Manicure, Effervescent tablet (to soften and whiten the nails )
Kids (Under 10yrs old)
Express Manicure
Polish Charge   $10.00   Shaping and Buffers the nails
Kids (Polish Charge Under 10yrs old)   $7.00   Shaping and Buffers the nail

Senior & Student (show id) or any large group 10% off



White Tips: $5

Color Tips: $7

Designs: $3-$18

French Wrap: $15

French Wrap with Gelife:$20

Gel Polish: $20

* French Wrap protects natural nails from breaking

* French decoration will not chip or fade

* PERFECT: Smile line & no-file edge

* GEL POLISH: No chipping, No smudging, No kidding. The Secret to Long-Lasting & Shine


Business Hours:

7 Days a Week:

Mon-Sat: 09am-09pm 
Sun:         10am-08pm

We proudly to carry high quality products such as: Dermalogica, Jane Iredale Makeup Minerals, OPI, Creative and more

We provide services for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Proms, Holidays, and any large group of special ocassions.
Before the big day, start your manicure program to have beautiful strong, healthy natural nails for the day and beyond.

Alternatively book a couple of manicures to get your nails in better condition to receive your choice of nail enhancements.

The Price is dependent on the client's nails and the desired finished effect.


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