The Bio-Energy which is generated by the array that is immersed in the water. This combined with the waters ability to transmit information, the presence of sebaceous glands, reflex points or zones on the soles of our feet and the Bio-Energetic flow that continually circulates around our body, starts to rebalance our bodies and help the process of gradually improving our health. 

It pulls the toxins out of your body. For the best result, you need to do once a week for 6 times. Then after that do once a month for maintain your health.   $35 per session




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7 Days a Week:

Mon-Sat: 09am-09pm 
Sun:         10am-08pm

We provide services for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Proms, Holidays, and any large group of special ocassions.
Before the big day, start your manicure program to have beautiful strong, healthy natural nails for the day and beyond.

Alternatively book a couple of manicures to get your nails in better condition to receive your choice of nail enhancements.

The Price is dependent on the client's nails and the desired finished effect.


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